Around the Point February 2017

Taxpayers appoint PRCAC rep
The Point Roberts Taxpayer Association have selected Jeff Christopher as the group’s representative for the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC). Christopher, a taxpayer board member, assured the board that he would faithfully represent the association’s interests. “I’m not a freelancer,” he said, adding, “I would be a faithful transmitter of the ideas coming from this table.” Christopher, a Canadian, has had a second home on the Point for years.

Parks board considers comprehensive plan
The Point Roberts Parks and Recreation District board of commissioners will consider hiring a part-time employee as part of their deliberation of the district’s comprehensive plan. Parks board chair Linda Hughes pointed out, “We’re the only volunteer district on the Point” which results in a lot of work undertaken by commissioners.
Fellow commissioner Bennett Blaustein agreed, saying, “I can understand why [former parks board chair] Mark [Robbins] burned out. I’d like to get back to working 20, preferably 15 hours of week working for the parks district.” Bennett estimated he spent upwards of 30 hours a week on parks board business.
In other park district business, commissioners discussed the problem of people illegally dumping landscaping debris and other garbage in the Baker Field parking lot on Benson Road. With no employees, the trash has to be picked up by commissioners themselves. Blaustein advised the board about a solar-powered, motion-sensitive CCTV camera to be installed in an effort to identify illegal dumpers.

Fire commission elects 2017 officers
Fire commissioner Bill Meursing was re-elected as commission chair at the January 11 board meeting. “I think it’s prudent of me to say that I’ve been chairman for a long period of time and if any commissioner wants to take the position, I wouldn’t hold it against them,” Meursing told fellow commissioners Shannon Tomsen and Stan Riffle. Tomsen, who was appointed by the other two commissioners when former commissioner Jeff Wilmot resigned, was elected vice-chair of the board.

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