Church News: February 2017

By Gina Gaudet

The holidays are over. The tree is likely gone, decorations are put in storage, things are pretty much back to normal. In some church traditions, this time between Epiphany (the arrival of the wise men, or Orthodox Christmas) and Ash Wednesday/Lent is referred to as “Ordinary Time.”
Lent, the long, repentant and reflective season precedes Easter, which then lasts through Eastertide until Pentecost. There is another broad stretch of ordinary time from the Pentecost through to the beginning of Advent. In total, about 32 to 33 weeks of the Christian Year are, well, pretty ordinary.
Don’t let the term fool you. Derived from the same root as the word “ordinal” as in ordinal numbers, it refers to the counting of days, as reading a calendar, rather than to the days just being boringly normal. Besides, even if we do see these days through the “ordinary” lens, there is much to
While the high holy days commemorate the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, the part of the story overlooked in our creeds and observances is the time that Jesus actually lived, preached, taught and healed. He built a community of followers. He confounded the religious leaders of his day. He became politically dangerous. In fact, it was the actions of his “ordinary” days that led to his death and, ultimately, his resurrection. But this, then, is the Christ promise in our time. Love your ordinary. Embrace and rejoice in it! It is the part of you that God loves, and works through, the best!
Here is what is happening at Trinity in the month of February:
Friday, February 3, 4–6 p.m.: World Interfaith Harmony Week. This event will take place at the community center. It is a time to promote peace and understanding, to share stories, songs, poems, in a spirit of harmony. See for more information.
Saturday, February 4, 6:30–8:30 p.m.: Philosopher’s Café. For youth ages 15–20. Homemade goodies, hot beverages, lively discussion and ambient music. No previous philosophy experience necessary!
Saturday, February 11, 7 p.m.: Neufeld-Quick Family Concert. Tasha and Jonathan share their musically entwined love story through the songs that have meant the most to them on the journey, encompassing a range of genres from classical to jazz and pop, with the help of their talented teenage son, Julian (and possibly little Michael too, if he has the right mic.) This concert will be followed by a Valentine-themed reception. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Music Camp.
Sunday, February 26, 1–4 p.m.: Healing Touch with Gina Gaudet. Sign up for a time on the time sheet after church, or contact Gina at to set up a time in advance.
The Trinity Concert Series resumes in April, and looks like this:
Sunday, April 9, 3 p.m.: Bergamasca Recorders
Sunday, June 4: Brenda Fedoruk Flute Choir
TBD: Point Roberts Winds with Allen Marter
TBD: Cello Recital with Laine Longton

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