Friends of the Library February 2017

We have a plan for the new library funding and now we need the community’s help. First, it’s important that we move to acquire these funds quickly because we do not want to wait six or more months before a contract is put out to bid because that means costs will rise yet again. Second, we need very broad support: ideally everyone who lives here full- or part-time and who supports the library.
We need to raise $300,000 (the amount of the levy) quickly. And there’s some very good news coming next.
Since the election, we have received a number of very generous donations from major supporters, including $10,000 from the Whatcom County Library Foundation, for a total of $115,000. This leaves us with another $185,000 still to raise. This past week, I asked the members of the FOPRL Fundraising Committee to put together a matching fund and they have come back to me and to you with pledges for $34,000.
Next, it’s your turn to match that $34,000 and even to exceed it. How? More good news! What FOPRL would like you all to do is donate as much as you can before the end of March. If you can’t donate a lot, then please donate at least the amount of money you would have paid if the one-year levy had passed. That amount is $50 for every $100,000 of assessed property value. So, if you have a lot assessed at $50,000, you would donate at least $25. If you have a million dollars of assessed property, you would donate at least $500. And, if you have a $50,000 assessed vacant lot and a $250,000 assessed house and land, you would donate at least $150.
If the levy had passed, it would have raised $300,000. We don’t need that much anymore. We need only $185,000. So if most of the property owners donated their share of the levy, we would have most of what we need and could move on to bidding.
Why don’t we need to raise the full $300,000? Well, more good news. In January, I went to the board meeting of the Whatcom County Library Services (the county agency that manages and pays for all library services and itself is funded by property taxes). I left the meeting very confident that the board will be willing to provide us with some
additional funding.
Many of us were probably brought up with the adage that the Lord helps those who help themselves. Life and fundraising have taught me that if you do help yourselves, others close at hand will give you extra help if you really need it. So, let us begin by matching the FOPRL Matching Fund and move forward with confidence that we can do for ourselves, and that others will help us if we still need it.
Make your check payable to FOPRL Building Fund, and mail it to FOPRL, PO Box 970, Point Roberts, WA 98281. We’ll acknowledge its receipt promptly and will let you know how it’s going via the APB and social media (Facebook page, FOPRL blog). Thanks in advance, thanks for your patience, and thanks for all your previous support.

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