Hospital district wants more dialogue

The Point Roberts Public Hospital District commissioners are looking to open better communication channels with the fire district.
“I have argued for years we should have overlapping membership,” said chair Dick Williams at the district’s January 4 meeting. “Not only are they our landlords but they provide emergency medical service,” which complements the services offered by the clinic overseen by the hospital district. “We need to have much better
The issue arose in September, when fire district commissioners turned down a proposal from the hospital district for a new clinic sign that would highlight Unity Care NW, which operates the clinic under contract with the hospital district. At the time fire commissioner Shannon Tomsen said she did not think it appropriate that the fire station property be used as a marketing tool for Unity Care NW.
“They really don’t have an understanding of the role Unity Care plays,” said hospital district commissioner Robin Nault. “They were talking about the sign as ‘advertising for a vendor,’ and that isn’t it at all.” Nault emphasized that through its partnership with Unity Care the district had been able to substantially increase its level of service and diversify the health care options available to patients on the Point.
District superintendent Elaine Komusi said she would draft a letter to the fire district for commissioners to review, asking to reopen the sign question but also for a deeper dialogue about what the two districts do and how they can support each other to serve the community.

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