Sheriff’s Reports: February 2017

January 3, 5:06 p.m.: Traffic stop on Tyee Drive. Vancouver resident, 35, arrested and cited for driving with license suspended third
January 6, 5:54 a.m.: Security check on Marine Drive.
January 6, 1:47 p.m.: Security check on Benson Drive.
January 6, 5:54 p.m.: Security check on Gulf Road.
January 6, 7:37 p.m.: Suspicious vehicle on Tyee Drive.
January 6, 8:19 p.m.: Assist citizen on Bells Grove.
January 10, 1:15 p.m.: Alarm audible on Edwards Drive.
January 12, 10:35 p.m.: Animal problem on Shady Glen Avenue.
January 14, 11:24 a.m.: Welfare check on Edwards Drive.
January 15, 12:37 p.m.: Motor vehicle accident non-blocking, non-injury on Tyee Drive.
January 17, 12:37 p.m.: Theft cold call on Greenwood Drive.
January 21, 8:44 p.m.: Welfare check on Marine Drive.
January 22, 11:04 a.m.: Death investigation on South Beach Road.

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