Water district considering raising rates

After three years of holding the line on rates, the Point Roberts water district has retained a consultant for a review of rates and connection fees.

At their March 14 meeting, commissioners voted to hire Ashley Emery, an engineer with experience doing rate surveys for other districts. He will replace Redmond firm Financial Consulting Solutions Group, which has undertaken previous rate surveys for the district. “I thought it would be a good idea to get somebody else’s eyes on it,” said district manager Dan Bourks.

The last time the district reviewed rates was in 2013, and the last time the water rates increased was March 2014. Since then water costs from the Greater Vancouver Water District have risen 2 to 3 percent annually, Bourks said. “We’ve been saving through the exchange rate but we really shouldn’t be relying on that,” he said.

  1. Yes, payment for what you use is more equitable. The idea of a flat rate for unlimited use is is ludicrous, particularly for part time residents and visitors. We have a great community here, let’s make sure it is a fair one.

  2. Make it more of a pay for what you use. 90 dollars for almost no water used is crazy.

  3. I suppose if the golf course paid it’s $70,000 bill, that would help, Eh?


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