County executive to speak at voters association AGM

For the fourth year in a row Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws will be the featured speaker at the annual general meeting of the Point Roberts Registered Voters’ Association.
The meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 25, at 7 p.m. at the Gulf Road Community Center.
Association president Joel Lantz said Whatcom County Council members were also invited to the event and Whatcom County Council member Barbara Brenner has confirmed she will attend. “I am expecting more council members to confirm over the next week or so,” he said.
The format will be similar to previous years, with county representatives speaking followed by an opportunity for questions. Lantz said there will also be a recap of the associations activities in 2016.
  1. I hope the good citizens of Point Roberts will ask why it is not being listed in the updated Critical Area Ordinance for species and habitat of local importance. I know that there was a herring event a couple of weeks ago that attracted a large number of birds, and the Point Roberts has two genetically distinct forms of herring arriving on its shores. Because of its locality, it also has rare and unusual habitat for Whatcom County and this needs to be protected against a net loss of functions and values for critical areas and ecosystems. Point Roberts was repeatedly pointed out in older inventories as a biodiversity hotspot. I am troubled that Point Roberts is not even reflected in the county’s critical area maps., although these maps do include Lummi Island. Please stand up and be heard in order to protect your natural resources and critical areas.


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