Best Time RV getting ready to roll

Best Time RV is poised to open next month at the former location of Brewster’s Fine Foods, and in addition, hopes to revive the eatery this year.

Company vice president Neal Klass, speaking from the company’s Las Vegas location, said they expect to be open May 8, with Christina Tersakian as manager.

“We’re already sold out in June,” Klass said, despite allocating 25 recreational vehicles to the new Point Roberts location.

Klass said while the flow of mostly European travellers coming in and out of Point Roberts to pick up their rentals will be steady, no more than one or two units should be at the Gulf Road location on any given day. Clients will be brought to the location from the Vancouver airport to pick up their vehicles.

“Some will be going one way to Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Others will return to this location.”

At this time the building itself will only house the reception area for Best Time RV. “Once we get that going we will move on the next step and reopening the restaurant,” Klass said.

Rentals will operate year-round from the location, Klass said, “but it gets very slow in the off-season.” Having the restaurant open will help keep core staff employed year-round.

This year, pending code changes now being proposed, vehicles will not be washed or serviced on site. Washing will happen at the marina, while any needed servicing will be next door at Dennis Auto, Klass said. “In the future, we would like to have it all on site,” he said.

Klass said despite a late start at establishing the new location, they expect a very busy season.

“Wait until next year!” he added.

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