Ham operators wanted

The Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness and the Point Roberts Auxiliary Communications Services (PRACS) are asking you to take a few hours to learn to be a certified HAM radio operator.

“We are asking for all employers, employees and community members to consider getting HAM radio licenses to safeguard our companies, organizations and community from harmful disruptions of service in the event of extended power outages, emergencies and disasters,” said PRACS member Judson Meraw.

PRACS will host a HAM licensing exam on May 20 at 2 p.m. at the Point Roberts fire station on Benson Road. The exam costs $15, payable on exam day, and preparation takes approximately five hours of study at QRZ.com.

“HAM radios work when other forms of communication don’t,” Meraw said. “Together we can provide a vital link between each other and the outside world in case of service disruptions or emergencies.”

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