Burn permits are now available at the Benson Road fire station

The Point Roberts Fire District is now providing residential burn permits, previously sold at Nielson’s Building Center, directly at the Benson Road fire station.

Residential burn permits are for burning yard waste originating “on the maintained area of a residential property,” according to fire department guidelines. The fires cannot exceed four feet in diameter and three feet in height, and must be 50 feet away from combustible materials, such as buildings or standing timber. Fires must be attended and water and a shovel must be available at all times. Fires need to be put out by sundown.

As of Thursday, June 1, the residential permit will be extended from three to seven days for $5.

Recreational and land clearing permits will continue to be available at the
fire station.

Recreational permits are $20 a year for small campfire pits no more than four feet in diameter and three feet high. They need to be free of overhanging materials, at least 25 feet away from standing timber, and three times the width of the pit from structures. Any noncombustible material can be used to make your fire pit, and commercially available fire pits are permitted. Only firewood and charcoal can be burned.

Land clearing permits cost $50 for 24 hours for large burns.

Burn permits are available at the fire hall between 9 a.m. and noon, Monday to Friday or as firefighters are available seven days a week.

If you have any questions regarding permits, stop by the fire hall. If you have concerns about an active burn, call 911.

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