Committee seeks public feedback

Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) members are meeting with their association membership and the community at large to get direction on  what parts of the character plan matter, and which don’t.

PRCAC has scheduled a special meeting for Saturday, July 15 at 9 a.m. to first determine “How we are going to decide what the greatest hits are?” said committee chair Joel Lantz at the June 13 meeting. “What will we be keeping from the current character plan and the new draft?”

On May 16 Whatcom County Council voted to merge the bulk of the existing character plan, currently in the county’s subarea plan, into zoning code to make community review of its provisions more flexible.

Lantz said he anticipated different priorities from the various associations represented on the committee. Because of this the first question will be how a change will be approved to be recommended to county council: by simple majority, by supermajority, unanimously?

The committee has two at-large members, Linda Hughes and Keith Glading. Jeff Christopher from the taxpayers’ association, David Gellatly the chamber of commerce and Lantz the voters’ association.

Annelle Norman, who chaired the sub-committee that reviewed the existing character plan over several years and prepared the draft revised plan suggested the at-large members review the notes she had from a 2015 town-hall meeting.

“It was several hours and the thoughts of 80 people,” she said. “It’s rich with

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