Plants stolen from post office

When Tammy McDonald came to check on the lavender field she has been planting and tending in front of the local post office this week, she found holes where plants had been.

“Who would think of doing that?” McDonald said. Over the last two years the post office has hired McDonald to replace the sparse scrubby plantings out front with a mini lavender field, she said. “Something for people to enjoy when they come around the corner.” Approximately 225 total plants have been planted, with an additional 40 added this spring.

Over the June 4 weekend 10 of the plants were stolen, and McDonald hopes the thief will repent or be caught. “Shame on whoever thought they could help themselves to the lavender,” McDonald said. “This is called stealing.” Not only does the theft take away from her hard work planting and hand watering and the post office’s commitment to beautify their streetscape, she said, it robs the community of something that is there for everyone to enjoy.

McDonald said she the plants will be replaced next spring when conditions are right.


  1. Isn’t this a Federal crime?

    • The property is leased from the owners, therefor, not federal crime. Still theft should they file a complaint with WCSO.

  2. Stealing is bad enough, but stealing from the US Post Office sounds like a federal crime to me. I do hope the local authorities will get involved in catching the thieves. This kind of vandalism needs to be stopped immediately. This is not the kind of community that we all want.

  3. Rhiannon Allen June 8, 2017, 10:10 pm

    The Garden Club also had a number of its roadside “guerrilla” daffodils stolen last year from at least two locations around Point Roberts. As with the Post Office thefts, this is an insult to those who work hard to beautify our community. It is also costly in terms of labor and money to replace those stolen plants.

    • I agree. This is so disrespectful to the people that work so hard and give freely of their time to make our community beautiful. I saw Tammy hard at work planting those lavender plants. Shame on those who would steal plants- there’s a thing, and it’s called karma!

    • Jessica Mc vey June 9, 2017, 3:01 am

      Shane on whoever did these acts of vandalism.


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