PRCAC holding special meeting to review county code

The Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee is holding a special meeting at the community center on Saturday, July 15 at 9 a.m. to begin their review of the Point Roberts Special District, chapter 20.72 of the Whatcom County Code.


This will be the first in a series of meetings that were initiated when the Point Roberts Character Plan was absorbed into the code as design guidelines, but the review will not be limited to those guidelines.


Chairman Joel Lantz has asked committee members to work with the associations they represent and the community at large to start focusing on the “greatest hits” of the character plan that need to be retained or strengthened, and what portions could be eliminated. However, he has also asked that they consider the special district as a whole and look further to the potential for a review of the subarea plan, the Point Roberts section of the county comprehensive plan.


Saturday’s meeting will establish scope and process for the overall review.

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