Deltaport expansion info made available on the web

The review panel for the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project has developed a table that provides links to the information requests issued by the panel and the responses to those information requests.

The table will be updated when the panel issues new information requests and when it receives responses. The table is posted on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry Internet site (the Registry) at the following link: Doc#999).

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is a proposed new three-berth container terminal at Roberts Bank in Delta, B.C. The project, funded by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, would provide 2.4 million TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) of container capacity, effectively doubling the capacity of the existing Deltaport facility. With regulatory approval, construction would begin in 2018 and take five to six years.

“The review panel continues to collect the information that it needs to proceed to a public hearing for the project.

The panel’s consideration and analysis of the environmental assessment information, including the submissions received during the comment period, is ongoing,” the panel announced in a July 26 release.

The panel expects to issue additional information requests to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and will also require information and advice from other parties that are participating in the environmental assessment.

The environmental assessment information received by the Review Panel will be available at and opportunities to comment will be provided.

The panel will determine and announce the timing and procedure for any future opportunities to comment during the sufficiency review stage of the environmental assessment at a later date.

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