Letters to the Editor August 2017

The Editor:

I mislaid my cell phone while visiting the Point for the day in early July. Retracing my steps brought no joy and the Canadian customs officer I stopped in to see on my way out had not received it.

But, fortunately for me, just as my friend and I were getting close to the ferry, her phone rang and my number came up! Some kind person had found my phone and handed it in at customs.

We had sent a text message to my phone asking anyone finding it to call my friend’s number. They did! I hope they read this and know how grateful I am. You are my hero!

Jennifer Shaw

Victoria, B.C.

The Editor:

The July issue of the All Point Bulletin reported that a June 13 meeting of the Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee unanimously endorsed a motion to impose mandatory regular solid waste collection and associated fees on all 2,300 developed properties in the Point.

Unfortunately, the assembled group did not properly represent the interests of the numerous property owners on the Point who are occasional, weekend or seasonal users. The meeting was held mid-week, so that even owners who are regular weekend users would not have been able to attend to express their views.

Unfortunately, this motion does not reflect the needs or desires of some owners who are not permanent residents of the Point. Some of them do not need or desire regular trash collection services, relying instead on organics recycling, periodic use of the Cando facility and taking materials home for recycling.

Point Roberts property owners who do not permanently reside here already are paying substantial taxes and fees for many local services that they do not fully utilize. And they are also paying parallel taxes and fees to the jurisdictions where they permanently reside. Thus, the weekenders and seasonal users are already significantly subsidizing permanent residents of the Point.

A simple and fair resolution of this issue would allow an optional exemption from an otherwise mandatory trash collection service for those owners who do not wish to use the service and can provide evidence (such as a tax notice) of a permanent residence outside of the Point.

Only permanent residents plus non-permanent residents not opting out of the trash collection service would be subject to the additional fees.

However, for permanent residents to impose that requirement on the more numerous cabin owners who already pay the full slate of local taxes and fees elsewhere while using far less services on the Point is not proper or fair.

Before proceeding further with measures to extend mandatory trash pickup to all Point property owners, a mail survey should be taken of all owners whose tax notices are sent outside the Point to assess how many would decline the service if given that option.

With this approach, the increased numbers taking the service should still be sufficient to reap the economies needed to reduce the cost of an extended trash collection service.

J.R. Kesselman

Point Roberts and Vancouver

The Editor:

Really. One person, presumed to be a Canadian, apparently disrespected a national anthem and that deserves a letter to the editor.

I wish you had spoken to that individual rather than publicly spanking a Canadian. Is the writer showing a much larger agenda? Maybe a general dislike/resentment towards Canadians?

My wife and I are Canadians and my wife’s family has owned property in Point Roberts for almost seven decades.

We, to this day, feel privileged and honored to share this vey special place with our American friends and neighbors. We obey and respect all your laws and protocols. We fly an American/Canadian friendship flag, which combines elements of both flags in one.

We are proud Canadians who chose to spend as much time as possible in this wonderful little place called Point Roberts.

Reg Alspach

New Westminster/Point Roberts

The Editor:

Summer is here – in full swing! This means vacations, relatives and friends visiting and fun in the sun. If you are seniors or are expecting senior guests, please know that you are all welcome to attend the lunches and other functions at our community center.

Come early to play Bocce, pool, snooker or the piano. Converse with neighbors and make new acquaintances and stay for a quality and healthy lunch at noon on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Check the menu, stop by and see what we’re up to. A good time is to be had by all!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Madeleine Anderson

Point Roberts

The Editor:

I am writing to say that as a property owner in Point Roberts I am opposed to a mandatory taxing of all residences for garbage collection. It appears that the number of residents who do not want mandatory garbage collection vastly outnumber the ones who do.

Mandatory collection looks like a “make work project” and a tax grab all rolled into one.

I have a suggestion that I feel is much more fair and just as workable. Residents not subscribing to garbage collection could purchase vouchers for trash removal which would be attached to the cans put out on collection days.

Illegal dumping does not seem to be an epidemic around Point Roberts and those individuals that dump illegally are likely to continue do so.

If you want to add waste removal to our tax bill, the matter should be voted on
by the taxpayers involved. Wasn’t there once a revolution about taxation without representation?

John Hutton 

Point Roberts

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