Point Roberts TV to record PRCAC meetings

By Meg Olson

Bennett Blaustein, left, and Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) chair Joel Lantz check recording quality at the end of the July 11 PRCAC meeting. Blaustein, creator of Point Roberts TV, is helping PRCAC record their meetings and post them on YouTube.


“This is an idea to further engage and involve the community and make sure PRCAC represents all members of our community,” said Lantz. “We will be recording this tonight and assuming all goes well it will be posted on YouTube with an eye to live streaming these meetings in the future.”

A motion by taxpayers’ association representative Jeff Christopher to increase community involvement in a different way, by adding two additional at-large members to the committee, failed by a vote of three to two, with Christopher and Keith Glading supporting the move. “Discussions over,” Lantz said. “We’ve been discussing this for months.”


The proposal stemmed from an earlier request by the Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness group for a spot on PRCAC. Those in favor have stated expanding the committee could make it more representational, while those opposed have cautioned against diluting the committee’s effectiveness.



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