Church News September 2017

Having written last month about sound as frequency and vibration, and its effect on our consciousness, what are we to say then about silence?

Recent events remind us how chaotic the world can seem when we allow the noise of news media into our heads. This energy can actually affect us mentally and spiritually, even physically if we allow it to.

The challenge – perhaps a better word is “invitation” – would be to counter the commotion with quiet – the choice to let in the peacefulness of nature, to go deep into the mind and heart, to find solace in silence, to simply breathe.

The cultivation of silence can be a walk into the deep nature that is found in our own Point Roberts backyards. Seaside or forested, the invitation to bring consciousness into the realm of natural landscapes is what can heal us in chaotic times. The sound of waves on the sand or wind in the trees can bring focus to the mind or healing to the heart, or both.

Silence is often connected with meditation. Meditation can be momentary or momentous. It can be the sudden inner silence we enter at the sound of a bird, or the glimpse of the patient heron in the shallow waters, or the sustained quiet of a seated meditation, or walking a labyrinth.

The labyrinth is an ancient metaphor for the journey of life. Unlike a maze, which has a specific entry and a specific but different exit, the labyrinth moves continuously from the point of entry (called the “mouth”) into a center (the “goal”), then out again on the same path (in reverse) to the mouth, which becomes an exit.

Often a labyrinth meditation can include a question or problem, held in contemplation through the walk, and often answered or solved by the time one exits the labyrinth.

Reverend Bev Mar offers us the chance to walk a small labyrinth at her monthly meditations (see calendar). This experience has, however, ignited a spark of interest in creating a larger labyrinth somewhere on the Point – permanent
or movable.

Does this idea intrigue you? Do you think a labyrinth would be a wonderful addition to life on the Point? Could it contribute to the quiet beauty and serenity of our landscape? Something to talk about. And think about. Or meditate upon

Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 27, 2 p.m.: Delta Music Makers. Repertoire includes Broadway musicals, concert marches, light classics, Canadiana, popular tunes, folk music and musical novelties.

Saturday, September 2, 6:30–8:30 p.m.: Youth Philosopher’s Café for youth aged 15–20. An evening of thought-provoking conversation, homemade baked goods, hot beverages and atmospheric guitar

Sunday, September 17, 1–4 p.m.: Healing Touch with Gina Gaudet. Take a break from the daily rush and experience true, deep relaxation and peace. There is always a sign-up sheet at the church on the day of, or you can contact Gina directly at to make an appointment.

Thursday, September 21, 10:30–11:30 a.m.: Exhalted Sublime Golden Light, a Buddhist Sutra read by interfaith minister Bev Mar, followed by meditation on peace and ending with a small walking labyrinth. It is said that just hearing a small portion of the Sutra read aloud will bring peace and enlightenment to individuals, and countless other blessings.

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