Cardboard boat race 2017


For Kiniski’s Reef Tavern’s annual cardboard boat races on August 26 six teams of brave mariners took to sea. Some made it over the finish line.


First Place finisher Jakob Keller drives for the finish line. Like many successful entries in the past, Keller’s vessel, while conforming with the rule of cardboard and duct tape as construction materials, was heavy on the duct tape. He toop home the top prize of a $100 gift certificate.

Brother Josh Keller came in a close second, winning a $50 gift certificate.

Crowd favorite and fierce competitor Dennon Jope rounds the final mark. He was awarded a $25 gift certificate.



Grace and Olivia Scheepers in the snappy Pineapple Express, designed with the assistance of brother Henry, trailed by the crew of RIP. Despite their vessel sinking at the start, if fact falling apart prior to launch, the brave team of Cameryn Fideis and Hannah Sobkowich completed the course dragging the remains of their vessel. Alexis Friedel in little anchor, another failure to launch, did the same.


Three of the entries in this year’s race came from the team BG03, a group of friends that have grown up together since their moms formed a baby group in 2003. The group get together for a camping trip to the Point every year.


Nick Kiniski congratulates Cameryn Fideis for her “Most Sinkable” win. All entrants won a gift certificate to the Reef.

  1. Wonderful event. Thanks to Nick Kiniski for sponsoring it & the APB for its coverage.


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