Letters to the Editor: October 2017

The Editor:

Three cheers for Holger Michelsen stating the obvious. I am weary of the wealthy getting concessions while the rest of us pay what we must. I don’t mind supporting my share of utilities. I enjoy the benefits, but…

I just wrote the Point Roberts Water District to ask for a reduction to my bill should they give the golf course one. For eight years, I’ve used the water district service only through the spring and summer months. I’ve asked for a reduced rate for six months of the year. Fair is fair, after all.

Lynda Taylor

Point Roberts

The Editor: 

All Canadians who live in the Lower Mainland are fortunate to have a slice of America all to themselves. This summer it seemed most important as an escape during the summer madness. In the winter I believe the sun shines more often and we all love that.

Everything about the Point Roberts area has a slow, easy pace and might be called “the best kept secret.” How can we show our deep respect for this delightful corner? I will let you make those decisions, no preaching.

Abby Armstrong

Delta, B.C.  

The Editor: 

I have heard about a potential replacement levy: Resolution 17-4. The Point Roberts Park and Recreation District has adopted a resolution to put a six-year levy on the November 7 ballot. This levy will replace the existing six-year levy which ends this year.

The park district is seeking an increased levy of 21.5 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. For a $200,000 property, this will result in an annual tax of $43 for each year from 2018 to 2023, an increase of about $26 from the current rate. The district intends to use the increased revenue to hire a part-time manager, cover the costs of a new septic system for the community center, implement other improvements at the center and Baker Field, and expand its program offerings to meet new community needs.

After doing some research, I learned that the park district has always operated on a tiny budget (smaller than any other district). Over the years, as the infrastructure has aged, more and more maintenance has been deferred, to a point where things can no longer go ignored.

Our assets are literally eroding away, and it’s time to invest a little more into them for now and the future. Parks commissioners receive no compensation for their time, and they have been doing their best to maintain the community center and Baker Field. However, they just cannot keep up with the maintenance and repairs needed.

Allowing the district to hire a part-time superintendent would enable commissioners to focus their time and energy on spearheading improvements, in addition to updated programs.

Extensive cleanup and beautification can and should be done. For example, painting and gardening could go a long way to enhance the user’s experience at the field and community center. If the public desired a dog park, the district needs a budget that would enable them to fence in the park to make it safer for everyone. The playgrounds at the community center and Baker Field are frequently utilized, and a little money could go a long way in enhancing the community experience of these two incredible assets.

The wooded forest has many hiking and cycling trails that need maintenance to enhance the user experience; many do not even know that we have these amazing wooded trails. The people of Point Roberts are lucky to have these assets, and the park district has a responsibility to maintain what we have.

Let’s put a little more in so we get a lot more out. Let’s take pride in our little peninsula and make our park and recreation district a priority.

Sahiry Ireland

Point Roberts

The Editor:

I see in the September issue of the All Point Bulletin that a cyclist was hit at Mill Road and Johnson Road in July. The same thing happened to me at the same location on August 24. I was cycling south on Mill Road and stopped at the four way stop. I saw a red SUV coming east on Johnson Road and noted that it was slowing down.

Thinking that everyone stops at the signs, I proceeded forward only to be hit by the car. I was so very fortunate that I managed to deflect a bit and only received deep chest trauma.

The driver claimed she didn’t see me. How could that be when I was on an orange bike, the sun was overhead so there were no shadows, and the corner is well marked and visuals are good. Perhaps a flashing red light would help remind people to stop.

Thanks to Jim and Campbell for their assistance.

June Morin

Point Roberts

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