County election office gears up for November 7 Election

With the November 7 general election just around the corner, the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office has installed three new ballot drop boxes, including a new one in Point Roberts. There are now a total of 18 drop boxes located in Whatcom County.
The new drop boxes are located at the International Marketplace at 780 Tyee Drive, Custer Elementary School and Acme Elementary School.
The auditor’s office encourages residents to register or update their address by the deadline, Monday, October 9. Online registration can be completed at Individuals registering to vote for the first time in Washington may register in-person at the 311 Grand Avenue, Suite 103 in Bellingham, by Monday, October 30.
For more information, contact county auditor Debbie Adelstein at 360/778-5105 or chief deputy auditor Diana Bradrick at 360/778-5130.
  1. Additionally, it is not the case that if the Community Center septic system fails without the funds from the levy to pay for its replacement, the Park & Red might need to:
    – obtain a loan for its replacement,
    – switch to portables rather than indoor toilets,
    – engage in private fundraising, or
    – shut down facilties completely?

  2. In addition to the various offices that will be on the ballot, there is a request for a tax levy renewal to fund the Point Roberts Park and Recreation District. The current levy expires in January. The new one will be 17 cents per $1,000 assessment for 2018 and then up to 21.5 cents. Here are some simple facts about the levy:
    a. None of these funds will be used for the new library. That project is funded independently of P & R.
    b. If the levy fails to pass Park & Rec. will be “zeroed out.” That is, there will be no income other than the Verizon tower rental. Services at the Community Center will have to be curtailed. The Seniors Friday lunch will have to be cancelled as it is supported by the P & Budget. Maintenance at Baker Field will be sharply reduced. Repairs will be cut back. P & R may be forced to ask groups using facilities to pay rental fees.
    c. The levy needs a “super-majority” of 60%, and voter turn-out must be at least 40% of the most recent election which was a presidential year and had higher than usual voter turn-out.
    d. No one from the community volunteered to write an official “con” position for the ballot pamphlet, suggesting that there is strong support. However, without the critical number of votes cast the measure could fail.
    I hope this information is helpful.
    Arthur Reber


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