Church News: November 2017

By Gina Gaudet

What is a church? This centuries-old question never goes away. As human life evolves in social, relational, ethical and spiritual ways, the definition of church evolves as well. One thing remains as constant as the presence of God through eons of history: love. And so, throughout time, this remains: The church is, above all, where we find the welcome, the embrace of love. Jesus brought people to God’s love by simply meeting people where they were, in the midst of their need, and responding to that need through divine love.

At Trinity, we look out over our beloved Point Roberts, and we see our parish. We look over the border into Tsawwassen, Ladner, Richmond, Vancouver and beyond, and there is our parish. We are an international center of love, acceptance, truth, healing, laughter, music and light. Although we are Lutheran by affiliation, our parish is interdenominational. We are Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran – we even read from Buddhist Sutras once a month. We follow the call of spirit and the leading of our hearts to minister to a diverse people with diverse needs.

Our monthly calendar of events and services introduces you to all the ways we interface with our parish. God’s love reaches out in so many ways, be it church services, yoga, musical performances, healing ministries, celebrations of life or simply love. It is not about filling pews – it is about filling needs, filling hearts and blessing people. And maybe helping you discover the source of healing and empowerment that lives in you, moving you to reach out in love and service.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 28, 7 p.m.: Trinity Chamber Series Presents: Kathy Eggleston Swenson – Pipe Organ Concert. A renowned artist from Gig Harbor, Kathy will start the evening off with the Icelandic national Anthem then continue with works from Bach, Handel, Manz, Widor, the stately Marche Heroique by Brewer and the Suite Gothique by Boellmann. The evening will also offer the opportunity to introduce the book “Point Roberts Back Story” by Mark Swenson, resident of Point Roberts.

Sunday, October 29, 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.: Pastor Keith Swenson will lead us in the celebration of the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation, with guest organist Kathy Swenson.

Saturday, November 4, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.: Christmas Re-gift Sale: Join us in the parish hall for the big sale. Canadian money will be accepted at par. Food available (hot dogs, chili, baked goods).

Saturday, November 4, 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.: Youth Philosopher’s Cafe. For youth aged 15-20. An evening of thought-provoking conversation, homemade baked goods, hot beverages and atmospheric guitar music

Saturday, November 18, 7 p.m.: Power of Music: Tribute to Bruce Springsteen DVD Concert. In 2013, Bruce Springsteen was honored as the MusiCares Person of the Year. This recording brings together a stellar list of other artists paying tribute to Bruce and his music performing many of the songs he wrote throughout his illustrious career. In the finale. Bruce himself and the E Street Band reprise the magic.

Sunday, November 19, 1 – 2:30 p.m.: Healing Touch with Gina Gaudet. Take a break from the daily rush and experience true, deep relaxation and peace. There is always a sign-up sheet at the church on the day of, or you can contact Gina directly at to make an appointment.

Tuesday, November 21, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.: “Exalted Sublime Golden Light,” a Buddhist Sutra read by Interfaith minister, Bev Mar. Sutra reading followed by a guided meditation on peace and ending with a small walking labyrinth. It is said that just hearing a small portion of the Sutra read aloud will bring peace and enlightenment to individuals, and countless other blessings. For more information, please contact Bev directly at

Sunday, November 26, 4 p.m.: Trinity Chamber Series Presents: Capilano Flute Choir. Based in Vancouver, the choir brings together accomplished adult flute players who share flute ensemble music with the public. The 20-member choir includes players on piccolo, C flutes, and alto and bass flutes. A bass instrument such as bassoon or double bass
rounds out the sound.

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