Letters to the Editor: December 2017

The Editor:

In the summer of 1993, a small pop-up gallery opened and closed in Point Roberts, giving birth to the concept of a permanent gallery featuring the work of local artists.

With that in mind, Renee Coe, Kathy McGunn-Kim, Nevin Pfaltzgraff and I converted a storage garage into a gallery space, displaying the work of 10 artists. On July 1, 1994, the Blue Heron Gallery opened on Gulf Road; on December 24, the gallery doors will close for the last time.

It would be remiss of me not to express thanks to the more than 150 artisans who have exhibited over the years. Special recognition must go to Evelyn Roth, the internationally recognized artist who supported our vision with words of encouragement as well as providing several of her own creations for our initial exhibit.

A huge thank you to the gallery patrons who have given overwhelming support to the local artists, year after year.

Finally, thank you for the personal encouragement and for the friendships developed over my time running the gallery. If you are on the Point on December 24, please stop in and share a glass of holiday cheer to close out this chapter and celebrate the turning of a new page.

Kitty Doyle

Point Roberts

The Editor:

Sunday, December 24 will bring a big change to Point Roberts. The Blue Heron Gallery will be closing its doors.

Many artists and I want to thank Kitty Doyle, for giving us an opportunity to display our works in the Gallery – the heart of our artistic community.

Stop and shop soon, everyone. It’s our last chance to have all these art pieces, gifts and Kitty in one place!

We’ll miss you, Kitty, and wish you well when you return to your family and friends in Florida. The art community there will be lucky to have you.

Jollena Tylor

Point Roberts

The Editor:

At my advanced age I often feel as though I just landed here from a distant planet. Recently I learned that FedEx, UPS and the USPS have gone in cahoots. Their contract, aimed at higher profitability, could be labelled Boomerang Delivery.

A parcel sent by UPS may be dropped off at the local post office rather than delivered to a residence. Since they cannot deliver to a post office box, the parcel will go back to the sender. The exception to this is that one may fill out a “permission slip” authorizing the post office to deliver your parcel.

This will work only if your sender has included the street address of the post office in the address. If you use rural free delivery, the post office will deliver to your mailbox. If you pay for a postal box, they won’t, unless, of course, you provide the address of the post office along with your own, thus making it a part of your address.

Christmas is coming, so if Aunt Nettie back in Wisconsin does not know these things, it is going to be an interesting holiday season fraught with much

Ruby White

Point Roberts

The Editor:

I want to express my thanks to all those who voted in the November elections. Turnout was critical for one item on the ballot: the levy for our park and recreation district.

The levy could have failed simply for a lack of votes. Instead, our community came out in sufficient numbers to pass the levy. The properties of our park district are used by the majority of Point Roberts residents – particularly the community center which hosts hundreds or thousands of events such as organizational meetings, community fairs, game nights and the seniors lunch – to the best of my knowledge free of charge.

It is with great relief that our community will now see the continued operation of the park and recreation facilities!

Rhiannon Allen

Point Roberts

  1. Do you know where I can buy a Kitty Doyle painting of Point Roberts?


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