2017 Year in Review: County Executive

Looking back on 2017, I can say that we have had quite an active year in local government.

Firstly, we did not obtain voter approval for the new justice center, so we are now exploring our next steps with our existing facilities. We will complete Phase 1 within the main jail to replace the sprinkler system, replace doors and locks, enhance safety lighting and replace some kitchen equipment. The next decisions council will need to make will have major cost, code and operational challenges.

As quoted in the October 2016 report by Design2Last, architect for the repairs of the existing jail, “the existing configuration and footprint (of the jail) preclude any meaningful and permanent answers to space related issues such as medical, booking, classification and programs.

Some relief might be gained by an addition, but the cost of that would outweigh the benefits and so should be carefully considered as topics for further analysis. We believe the best and only permanent solution is to build a new jail.”

In Point Roberts, I am pleased that we were able to award the Lighthouse Park improvement work that includes replacement of the existing wooden deck structure and installation of new playground equipment. This project should be completed by March 2018. Our county health department staff has been working in the community to plan a long term solution to solid waste collection on the Point. An update to county council was provided at the December 5 council meeting.

I wish everyone the very best for 2018 and trust you will continue to let me know your thoughts and concerns on local government projects and activities. We are here to serve all citizens. The county website is increasingly providing information on our services and we are more and more utilizing social media through Twitter and Facebook interactions. I urge you to stay in touch.

Happy Holidays,

Jack Louws

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