Church News: January 2018

By Bev Mar

Once again, it’s time. The new year. Time for pondering new beginnings.

We often look for guidance, or inspiration for self-improvement. It could look like a new diet, or a new fitness regimen. Maybe joining a neighborhood book club.

But how does one truly choose to come a better human? A healthier one? A stronger one – as in, compassionate and in command of oneself? And another question – why choose at all? Choice can often require painful realizations. Who would want that?

Well, good news – humans are resilient!

New hope, new life. Just like the trees empty themselves of leaves, the shrubs empty of flowers, the garden empties of its fruits, we are to empty ourselves. A tall order, but think about it this way: New connections flow easily into empty spaces – the spaces cleared and ready to receive. That means a practice of emptying, clearing and cleaning one’s various houses, if you will. Including places for relationships and experiences.

It is what we must do in order to make and welcome new experiences: good ones, better ones, ones on the bucket list and the ones, best of all, which we don’t even know we are capable of, or yet realize as a desire from our deepest heart’s wishes.

You know, the ones that make our lives wonderful (as in wonder and full); the experiences that express hopes beyond our ken, beyond our present limiting view or expectations, so that we might dare to live and dare to live well.

Meeting our heart’s deepest desires would dare us to walk a path that would bring this about and thus lead us home to our truer selves, our better selves – one step, one dare, one experience at a time.

The miracle is that this path leads us to join with others also making these choices. And then – sharing our good fortune, not focused on our wealth in dollars, but in experiences, stories, the knowledge gained over the years, marked by scars and the trails of tears. We are all rich then.

May you know the richness of your soul, and its connection to all that lives, to all of life!

Happy New Year.

Happy New Beginnings.

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