You are getting very, very sleepy

^ Heather Dixon

By Meg Olson

Seven years ago Heather Dixon found hypnotherapy was the key to overcoming a personal challenge, and today she has opened her own practice, Pacific Hypnosis Center, to help others overcome their own challenges through hypnotism.

“It’s just about understanding the brain and getting in and changing thought patterns,” she said.

Having completed an initial 100-hour course in 56-PATH hypnosis at the Cascade Hypnosis Center in Bellingham, Dixon was certified as a hypnotherapist and master hypnotist. She is registered with the state department of health and the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Specifically trained in Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis, Dixon helps her clients with smoking cessation, sleeping patterns, stress management, anger, anxiety and offers a path to change difficult habits.

“Hypnosis only works for people who want to be hypnotized and it isn’t magic,” she said. “Change is still work, this just might make it easier.”

Through additional training Dixon has received certification in pain management and is licensed for the Reprogramming Your Weight program.

Pacific Hypnosis Center has an office at Dixon’s Point Roberts home on Benson Road as well as one in Bellingham at the Cascade Hypnosis Center. You can request more information or make an appointment by emailing Dixon can also be reached at 360/296-1111.

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