Golf Course returns to glory

A rainbow is an omen of good luck for the golf course’s re-opening.

By Meg Olson

The golf course is set to reopen in the spring, restored to its former glory and renamed as Bald Eagle Golf Club at Point Roberts.

“We have a good team, good support from the owners and we’ve accomplished a lot,” said course designer Wayne Carleton who was brought back by the course’s new owners in July 2017 to oversee the rebuilding of the course and facilities.

“The golf course was in disrepair and the intent was to have it be what it used to be,” Carleton said. When it first opened to rave reviews 15 years ago, it was selected as one of the top 10 new public golf courses by Golf Digest. “It is a great piece of property; (former owner) Kenji Nose used the most modern construction standards.”

So far crews have resodded all the greens, fertilized and reseeded fairways, repaired cart paths, upgraded the irrigation system and replaced the sand while renovating bunkers. The clubhouse has had a thorough cleaning and renovation both in and out, and they are waiting for permits so they can reopen the restaurant.

Coco Luo, a partner in ownership group Bald Eagle Valley Resort Management, has played an active role in the revitalization of the golf course, which will reopen in late spring or early summer. “She’s down there and enjoys talking to the staff and seeing what they’re doing,” Carleton said. “She is definitely wanting to be involved.”

“The people working on the golf course are local, the contractors we’re using are local, we’re really trying to be part of the community,” Carleton said. The course currently employs a crew of 10 full-time maintenance workers, a number Carleton said will be increasing as they move into summer.

New owners are investing in a new fleet of golf carts and maintenance equipment. They are also planning to add a beverage cart to the course.

“We still have work planned for parking lots and boulevards as well as landscaping,” Carleton said. “As people drive in, they will see a fully restored golf course right from the entrance.”

The golf course will be at the Vancouver Golf Show in mid-February and plans an open house for the community prior to opening in May or June. “We will just have to see how the weather goes,” Carleton said.

  1. I power washed the outside of the clubhouse and repainted the inside and the crews are doing an awesome job on repairing the green.
    Hugh Wilson


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