Dorothea Hecht

Dorothea Ingeborg Hecht

(née Thorsteinson)

January 15, 1925 – March 14, 2018

Dorothea was a Point Roberts original, born in Vancouver, B.C., on January 15, 1925. The Point didn’t have much in the way of medical services so Theodora and Steini Thorsteinson hopped in the truck and headed into Canada for the birth of their daughter.

Dorothea spent her early years growing up on the Point at South Beach. Her family’s home was a large crab fishing warehouse with half the building remodeled into living quarters. She recalled her home as the envy of all the children on the Point because the warehouse half of the building was equipped with a trapeze, swings and enough room to roller skate on the wooden floor.

After her father built the White House on South Beach (South Beach House), Dorothea would work in the store. Her job was to look out for customers, and let her mother know when they came in. After a while her mother would let her scoop ice cream for the customers, always taking a taste to make sure it was up to standard. She also had the job of rowing out to the salmon tenders to get a nice salmon dinner for the family. The fishermen loved to see the little red head coming, and always gave her one of the best salmon.

The depression took its toll on those living on the Point, and the family moved to Bellingham and later to Seattle. It was there that her and a girl friend met two young suitors at a roller rink. Dorothea picked the guy with the car, Theodore Hecht, who became her husband.

When Ted was discharged from the service at the end of WWII, he used the GI Bill to go to college in San Jose, California. Ted and Dorothea started a family, welcoming Shelley, then Craig and later, Brian.

Through all the years away from the Point, she remained a property owner, and lover of Point Roberts. She and Ted moved from California back to the Point in 1989. It was a dream comes true for Dorothea to be back home with all the Icelandic cousins and friends.

The Point was Dorothea’s home base for traveling. She loved to travel with family and friends. She and Ted cruised, traveled to Europe and Central America and across the United States visiting most of the national parks. She had a full and productive life.

Dorothea passed away on March 14, 2018. She was predeceased by her husband Theodore Hecht and son Brian Hecht. She is survived by her children Shelley Navarro and Craig Hecht; grandchildren Kahla Hall and Megan Hamilton; and great grandchildren Kya Stewart, Hailey Hall, Henry Hamilton and Christian Hamilton. Dorothea suffered a stroke on February 19 and passed away on her husband Ted’s birthday.

The family plans on holding a celebration of life this summer.

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