Friends of the Library: May 2018

By Judy Ross

The New Library

We are coming to the end of the construction phase and are working on getting the landscaping of the library site completed by the end of May. The first act of the landscape will include grass, a fence on the western side, and a few decorative plantings. We hope that more floral touches will be possible later. After that, the library furnishings and equipment will arrive.

Second, we are working on donor recognition. We have two sets of specific donors to recognize: founders (who each donated at least $10,000), and sponsors (who donated from $500 to $10,000). We are planning to recognize the first group with a display of their names on a glass panel near the front door of the library. The second group were going to be recognized by pavers that would be installed outside the building. However, we have been persuaded by those with more experience that using such pavers outdoors would be a mistake in our climate. We are told that pavers easily become covered with moss, obscuring the names, and engendering considerable and steady maintenance costs to keep the names recognizable.

Our new plan is to mount brass plaques in three sizes on a wall inside the library. The plaques will not be as large as the pavers would have been, but they will be large enough to include the same amount of text as the pavers would have allowed. And visitors to the library will find the plaques easy to read: no moss indoors.

We are expecting a ‘soft opening’ during the summer (as soon as the library furnishings and equipment are in place and functioning) and a grand opening in mid-August. We are coming to the end of the process and looking forward to the product: a new library created by the community of Point Roberts and its friends and supporters. Congratulations to all of us!

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