The Bald Eagle Golf Club is getting ready to play some golf

Paul Beauchemin, the newly hired golf pro and manager of the Bald Eagle Golf Club at Point Roberts, is looking forward to an exciting year as the refurbished golf course prepares for an imminent re-opening on May 20. // Photo by Louise Mugar

By Meg Olson

Paul Beauchemin, newly hired golf pro and manager of the Bald Eagle Golf Club at Point Roberts, goes to work with a smile.

“The course is a beautiful setting, cut out of the trees,” Beauchemin said. “Not many golf courses can compete with the layout and the property.”

The golf course will reopen on Sunday, May 20 after a lengthy rehabilitation. Beauchemin relocated from Arizona to be part of the new management team.

At the age of 10, Beauchemin began playing golf at the Sturgeon Valley Golf and Country Club outside of Edmonton, Alberta. “Like any 10-year-old, your father takes you out and you get hooked on the game,” he said.

By 18, he was the assistant pro at the club and on his way to a 20-year career as a golf professional and course manager.

At 38, Beauchemin made a lateral move into a 17-year career in real estate, eventually relocating to Scottsdale, Arizona. He said it was time for a change, and his years as a golf professional meant he already had built-in clientele.

The move to Point Roberts is an opportunity to link both careers and be close to family since his mother lives on the Point. His first task is to run the golf course but he is excited about being involved in future planned residential components of the property, connecting golfers with the right home on a great course.

Beauchemin said they will begin taking reservations for tee times on Sunday, May 13 at 866/460-0383 in anticipation of the May 20 opening.

“The course is looking great and we’re very excited,” he said. “It’s going to be a great year.”

  1. Was extremely excited that Point Roberts Golf Course, newly renamed Bald Eagle Golf Club had reopened! Played this weekend & was truly disappointed as was the rest of my foursome! I am a committed golfer playing 3 times a week or more …Index is 18. Have played here when the course was in prime shape & over the past few years as conditions deteriorated. Have always loved the course & with rates being extremely reasonable, continued to play until it shut down at the end of 2016.

    I was expecting much, much more for the money. Weekend rate is $75 USD, Twilight at 3 pm $55 USD. At the current exchange rate, the regular green fee is $106.60 CAD including tax. The fairways had weeds! it was difficult to play the ball down if it landed on one. The grass was long on fairways, first cut & rough! Greens were patched & furry …absolutely terrible to putt on …my ball bounced instead of rolling! We were told that the owner Coco had acknowledged the course was not in prime condition. Clearly the green fees did not reflect that! Bottom line is, there are many way better golf courses to play in the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley as well as across the Blaine border for much less $. This course will never be worth $75 USD. Sadly, we won’t be going back! 🙁

  2. this course is completely over priced for what you get. The tee boxes need to grow, the greens will be good in a month and the staff are great. $100 for playing this course is $50 over prices. Through a cart in and maybe but the fairways on the front nine have weeds and there are no ball, garbage, set up but the new ones are on the back 9.


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