An experienced hand is installed

Barbara Wayland. Photo by Pat Grubb

New hospital district superintendent Barbara Wayland brings to the position a combination of decades in the healthcare business and experience with the local clinic and district.

Wayland came to Point Roberts in 2006 following a 40-year nursing career in California. As a registered nurse she worked in staff positions and in supervisory roles. She has worked in hospital and clinic settings, home health care, nursing education, medical media and as the director of nursing for a county hospital.

“I have lots of background in health care issues, policy development, budgeting, and project management, all of which will be of value in this position,” she said.

Point Roberts Hospital District commissioners voted on May 2 to appoint Wayland to the position following the resignation of Elaine Komusi. Having also served for many years as a hospital district commissioner prior to moving to California for three years for family, Wayland is also familiar with the local clinic, its challenges, assets and its importance in the community.

“The clinic is important to Point Roberts,” she said. “There are people whose medical needs will be met in other ways and that’s fine, but the clinic is important to the community as a whole and it needs to be here.”

As a member of the hospital district board when Unity Care Northwest was contracted to run the clinic, Wayland said she is confident they are the right fit.

“The questions have been asked and diligently answered and for right now this is the best model for us,” she said.

Wayland said she was aware the hospital district had been under pinpoint scrutiny by two members of the public but said she had not been a party to the resulting acrimony. “My desire is to simply establish myself in this position and work with all parties as best I can.”

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