Falk steps up to the plate, again

Stephen Falk. Photo by Pat Grubb

Stephen Falk will take Robin Nault’s place as commissioner on the Point Roberts Hospital District board.

At their May 2 meeting, district commissioners chose to appoint Falk over a previous commissioner, Victor Riley.

“I’m a supporter of the clinic and a user of the clinic,” Falk said. “I don’t want to see it go away. I felt they could use some good leadership with the recent public pressure, if two people can be called that.” Riley and his wife Shannon Tomsen have peppered the hospital district with requests for information over the last six months and have attended and recorded almost every meeting during that period.

Also a member of the board of the local park and recreation district, Falk said he would bring the same open mind and collaborative spirit to the hospital board. “I don’t have a lot of historical knowledge and I’m going to learn,” he said.

  1. Gina Fiorillo June 8, 2018, 1:46 am

    Your snide and biased reporting is relentless. You never miss an opportunity to harass 2 very decent and committed community members – Ms Tomsen and Mr Riley. Shame on you Pat Grubb. You make this local paper an embarrassment.


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