New library nears completion

By Judy Ross

The Friends held its annual general meeting this past month and celebrated the near completion of the new library with cake and a tour of the premises. Members commented on how much room there is inside, almost three times the size of the current library in the community center. And they also noted how much light there is inside, because of the large number of windows. They didn’t all agree on the architect-chosen colors, with some liking them and some not. But, no matter what side they took on color choices, everyone easily agreed that the building was millions of times better than the building that it replaced and were most pleased to be inside it.

We looked back on the seven years of actively planning and raising funds for this project, and watched a video made by Bennett Blaustein showing the process of construction, complete with elegant music and photography that often made all the activity look like a ballet. Stephen Falk (vice president of the Friends and a commissioner at the park district) talked about his positive experiences in working with the Hansen construction company and architect David King, moving through the various stages of demolition and building. We were all happy to hear that change orders had not been excessive or unnecessary and that our costs were largely as expected and within our budget.

Toward the end of May, we will be working on the initial landscaping (many California lilacs and a few ornamental cherries will be featured). And in June, Whatcom County Library Services will begin the process of furnishing the new library. The grand opening will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 11 and continue throughout the day. We hope everyone will be able to join us on that day of celebration.

A round of applause for everyone who helped over the years in making it possible for Point Roberts to have a brand new public library. We all of us – we did it!

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