Church News: August 2018

By Gina Gaudet

Manifestation is a popular topic among some self-help circles. In the widening income gap between rich and poor, many look for a way out of that gap that doesn’t include working three jobs just to make rent. “Manifesting” is an inviting concept.

Years ago, I knew a family who struggled financially, and their pastor had tried to express the notion of faith manifesting the things we desire. The father of the family was using his faith to manifest a new truck. And a camper. He was so grounded in this faith, he was sure it was coming his way. Two years later, he was no closer to manifesting a truck and camper.

This was a very simplistic expression of manifestation. Today, there are many “experts” out there who claim they’ve manifested great wealth and success for themselves by following a formula they created and will share with you for a fee. Which is how they continue to manifest.

I was listening to a meditation by Deepak Chopra on the nature of desire, and was intrigued by the idea of the world actually turning on the drives of desire. The desire to exist. To evolve. To produce and reproduce. And universally, the desire to expand. The desire to manifest in so many forms: atoms to galaxies, bacteria to whales, molecules to oceans.

Go back to the beginning. The creation story says: “And God said, ‘Let there be ______. And there was ______.’ God expressed a desire, and it was manifest. The laws of physics tell us this process wasn’t as instantaneous as Genesis indicates. But the idea of manifestation is clearly described. God describes what is wanted, and makes it happen. Current language gives God the name, “consciousness,” and many scientists agree with the idea of an underlying ‘consciousness’ that manifests (creates) through myriad forms throughout the universe. A fairly simplistic description that embraces a whole lot of activity! But the principle remains clear: The universe turns on the energy of desire.

The key to successful manifestation is deep self-understanding. Knowing who you are deep inside, the truth of your purpose on the planet, and a passionate desire to express this in your life. Most experts in the field of manifestation agree with the importance of self-knowledge, and with the energy of passion for self-expression. When we attribute “desire” to merely physical things, we miss the mystery of universal desire. When you embark on the journey of spirit, the road to understanding and authentic self-expression, you understand what true “desire” is, the true meaning of “riches,” and the deepest satisfaction of true manifestation.

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