Point Roberts experiences a mini-crime wave

Photo by Louise Mugar

By Pat Grubb

It appears a mini-crime wave has struck Point Roberts. When John Sheppard arrived to open Auntie Pam’s Country Store on Gulf Road on Tuesday morning, July 31, he found that someone had beaten him to it. Sort of. The glass windows on the front door had been smashed out in an attempt to gain entry but the intruder or intruders had been stymied by the keyed deadbolt on the interior side of the door.

“They took out every panel on the door that they could take out,” Sheppard said. He figures the would-be thieves made their break-in attempt between 2 or 3 a.m. based on a report by the upstairs tenant who said he’d heard noises and yelling around that time.

The thief was able to reach through the door to grab some merchandise off a nearby shelf but apparently didn’t think much of it – it was later found strewn on the community center parking lot. Two cars and a truck at nearby residences were also broken into. “We’ll probably hear about more break-ins after the Canadians come down to their cabins this weekend,” Sheppard said. “I hear there was a house on APA Road across from the church that was hit, too.”

After discovering the damaged door, Sheppard called 911 to report the break-in. After getting no response, he called the local sheriff’s office in Point Roberts. Around 2 p.m. Sheppard received a call back from a callout deputy who said he was stuck in Birch Bay investigating an assault incident. The deputy reported back to him around 7 p.m. saying he had been to the store and had investigated the scene.

Sheppard said the 911 operator had explained that the sheriff’s department was short of staff what with vacations and a funeral taking place in Seattle. “I don’t blame the police,” Sheppard said.

  1. The Canadians? What do we have to do with this!? We are the reason your little town is surviving! I’d think twice about talking crap about us.

    • You might want to temper your outrage. The point he was making was more break-ins might be discovered once Canadian cabin owners come down for the weekend and find that their cabins had been broken into. You should think more than twice before you talk crap, Kate.

    • I believe a Canadian citizen and visitor to Point Roberts has confessed to this. Huh.

    • Kate,

      Reread it. There was no ill intent towards Canadians. I have cousins in Surrey, BC and they dont (pardon the pun) “jump the gun” like you did. Calm down. Also, before you get all snooty…you (and other Canadians) that have property in Point Roberts need to remember that this is America and not Canada…so if you don’t like it…leave!!!!!!

    • Actually we locals are the reason that we are surviving not Canadians. We just love to share our amazing community with you Canadians because we take pride in it and want to show it off.

  2. Violent break-in. They call 911, no answer. WTF??? Call the Sheriffs directly, at 9:45 AM. At 2:00 PM, WTF???, someone called him back. 2:00 PM. Think about that. The man is a saint. Most people would be researching what commission or governance body oversees policing in Point Roberts, which clearly had gone to hell.

  3. Nelly Belle, the Garden Club’s water wagon, was also vandalized the night before the Garden Tour. Unfortunately, some of the proceeds of the Garden Tour are needed to get her operational again so that we can water the Tyee Drive plantings.


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