School board approves staff pay increases for 2018-2019

By Oliver Lazenby

The Blaine school district board of directors unanimously approved pay contracts for staff at an August 31 special meeting.

Teachers at the lowest level of the salary schedule will get a 5.7 percent raise and teachers at the highest level will get a 9.8 percent raise for 2018-2019. The following school year, teachers will get raises ranging from 4.3 percent to 5.3 percent.

For 2018-2019, base teacher pay – which doesn’t include a professional learning stipend or pay for optional workdays – ranges from $46,464 to $90,516, depending on education and experience level.

The board approved one-year contracts with 3.1 percent raises for most other district employees. Salaries for principals and vice principals in the district this year range from about $100,669 to $131,944, depending on experience. They also get an additional day of personal leave this school year.

Executive directors at the district, which includes the finance manager, the director of teaching and learning, and the director of federal and special programs, also get a 3.1 percent raise this school year.

Employees represented by the Service Employees International Union (transportation, secretaries, custodians, security, etc.) and those not represented by unions also get a 3.1 percent pay increase with an additional 1.8 percent cost of living increase.

More information about school district contracts is available at

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