Whidbey Tel expands its offerings

Whidbey Telecom has added DISH satellite service to its portfolio of product offerings.

George Henny, Co-CEO of Whidbey Telecom stated, “The way people are getting their video entertainment is changing fast. People are shifting to streaming video options for entertainment, at home and on the go. We also needed to look for the best, most cost-effective solution for customers who want to stick with regular TV, especially when the major networks are relentlessly forcing massive price increases on us that end up getting passed along to our customers. We are excited that DISH can help us offer both SLING streaming and regular DISH TV options to our communities.”

Chris McKnight, chief marketing officer, added, “With DISH, customers choose from a variety of TV packages. The equipment is the most technologically advanced in the industry, but it’s still easy to use. DISH was recently ranked #1 in customer service by J.D. Power, which shows they listen to their customers.

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