It’s a good thing there wasn’t a big wave coming our way …

State and county emergency management divisions are working to find out what went wrong with emergency sirens in Blaine and Point Roberts during the Great Washington Shakeout drill.

The October 18 earthquake preparedness event had 1.3 million registered participants from across the state who were ready to drop, cover and hold on when local emergency sirens sounded at 10:18 a.m.

John Gargett, deputy director with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office division of emergency management said that, like Blaine, the Point Roberts siren was activated by the satellite signal during the drill but apparently did not sound. He said some members of the local community emergency response team heard a siren but it was apparently a siren in Delta. Marina staff and other reporting parties did not hear the alarm.

“I have notified the state engineers that we have this issue and it needs to be resolved,” Gargett said, adding he was expecting a site visit within the week.

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