Year in review: Friends of the Point Roberts Library

By Judy Ross

We end 2018 big! We completed fundraising for the new library in Point Roberts, and we celebrated the new library at the August grand opening. The final task has been placing the donor recognition panels.

In early December, an etched glass panel recognizing the founders (donations of at least $10,000) was placed in the front door entry. By mid-December, there will be three maple wood panels with brass plaques in the meeting room listing all who donated between $500 and $9,999. Then, everyone can enjoy this beautiful, sparkling new building that we all worked to make happen.

Maybe Friends of the Point Roberts Library (FOPRL) should now just sit back and rest? Probably not. FOPRL members are committed to finding a way to keep selling used books to raise money for smaller program expenses throughout each year. But book sales are also about building community, as we talk to each other about the books we read, share our enthusiasms, meet new people. But to do this, we need to have someplace to keep those books that the community steadily donates.

We are hoping to find somewhere to set up a small space that will have enough room for book shelves, some comfortable seating and a coffee pot, cups and a plate of cookies. That way, we can circulate books and meet one another on a more or less regular basis to talk about how we can ensure that this community is all that it can be.

The natural place is the Point Roberts Community Center and we will soon present a request to add a book/talk/coffee drop-in spot to the community center’s activities. If you have any ideas about how to make this happen, or want to help with it, write me at

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