Year in review: Point Roberts Hospital District

By Barbara Wayland

The year 2019 has been busy for the Point Roberts Public Hospital District (PRPHD). Earlier this year, superintendent Elaine Komusi tendered her resignation due to the demands of her job in Vancouver, and Barbara Wayland, a former hospital district commissioner, was hired in her place.

Long-serving commissioner Robin Nault became a Canadian resident and as such also had to resign from the district. She continues to provide support and attends many of our meetings, and we thank her for her excellent work on the commission. Stephen Falk was appointed to her position and has been an active and valuable member.

In June, word came that Unity Care of Bellingham would not be renewing their contract to manage our clinic in 2019, and the search for a new service provider began. Phone calls, emails, conversations with knowledgeable people and advertisements led us to our new provider, SuperTrack Urgent Care of Bellingham.

The final preparations for the changeover are underway and the new service will begin January 2, 2019. Letters from SuperTrack will be going out to patients before the end of the year with information on access to care.

We are excited that beginning in 2019 our clinic will be offering both primary and urgent care. Initially, the clinic will maintain the current days and hours, but over the next weeks and months, more hours and increased services will be added. We are also pleased that physician’s assistant Deb Shields is coming on board as our local provider.

The PRPHD and the Point Roberts Clinic thank the people of Point Roberts for your support and your understanding during this time of change.

Thank you as well to Unity Care for their years of service to Point Roberts and their support during this period of change.

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