Year in review: The final installment

By Meg Olson


• With a growing call volume for fire and emergency medical calls, fire chief Christopher Carleton reiterated the importance of Canadian firefighters who come to the Point to gain experience in maintaining good service levels for the community.

• Small Business Development Center business advisor Asche Rider was the featured speaker at this month’s PRCAC meeting, offering a variety of technical support service to local businesses.

• Cando Recycling and Disposal Services applied to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) for a review of proposed new rates in light of recent county legislation that mandates garbage pickup for all developed properties on the Point.


• The WUTC delayed their decision on Cando Recycling and Disposal Service rates to allow for greater notice to stakeholders.

• The fire district purchased a 2018 mini-pumper demonstration fire truck to add a new rapid and flexible unit to their firefighting fleet.

• Whatcom County planning and development services shelved a proposal to eliminate a loophole in the Point’s tree retention rules to give the community more time to bring their concerns about the changes to PRCAC.

• Unity Care NW announced they would stop providing care at the Point Roberts clinic on December 31, 2018, a decision hospital district commissioner Stephen Falk described as “disappointing” given the organization had initially offered to serve the community past the end of their contract period to insure there was not a lapse in service. The contract between the district and new provider SuperTrack was reported to be nearing completion.

• Water district commissioners weighed their options after bids to build the district’s new shop and office came in over $2 million more than twice the project budget.

• Candidates for state and county office crowded the stage during the annual voters’ association candidates night in the lead-up to an election marked by hotly contested seats.


• Tsawwassen residents brought their concerns about unpermitted land clearing and potential development of the Guichon Farm property across the border to the Point Roberts taxpayers association meeting.

• New rates for garbage service in Point Roberts were in front of the WUTC for approval again.

• PRCAC scheduled a series of meetings to get rolling on their long-delayed review of county zoning codes specific to Point Roberts. The fast-tracked review was spurred by enforcement actions aimed at overnight parking at 1480 Gulf Road.

• A winter clothing drive brought in almost three tons of used clothing to help families in need on the Point and beyond.

• Parks district commissioners Linda Hughes and Sonia Liu resigned, prompting the district to invite interested community members to throw their hat in the ring.

• With the results too close to call, races for state senate and representative in the 42nd legislative district went to a hand recount.

• After years of successful fundraising and unsuccessful lobbying at Whatcom County, the Point Roberts Lighthouse Society board voted to dissolve and transfer their remaining funds to the Point Roberts Historical Society to be used on the new museum at the community center.

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