Blaine teacher arrested for assaulting student

By Jami Makan

A Blaine Primary School teacher was arrested on January 24 for assaulting a student with disabilities, according to the Blaine Police Department.

Catherine Hicks was booked into Whatcom County Jail and released pending her court date, after she allegedly kicked a student who was acting up in class.

The incident occurred in a classroom after the victim, a seven-year-old boy, may have struck the teacher, said Michael Munden, a sergeant with the Blaine
Police Department.

The boy is reported to have some learning disabilities and behavioral issues.

A few other teachers attended the classroom, and when they went to escort the student out, he dropped to the floor and started kicking. That’s when the suspect kicked the child, Munden said.

The suspect, who then went for a walk, was contacted by officers who attended the scene.

After an investigation, Hicks was arrested by the officers and booked into Whatcom County Jail. She was apparently released from jail shortly after, pending her court date. The child does not appear to have suffered any significant injuries from the incident.

The school was previously aware of the student’s behavioral issues and has made efforts to accommodate them.

“The school has already gone to several lengths to help,” Munden said.

According to Ron Spanjer, superintendent of the Blaine school district, the teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending a separate personnel investigation that will be conducted by the district.

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