Letters to the Editor: March 2019

The Editor:

Your little newspaper is great. I love your online version. It keeps me updated until we get back to the Point for the spring and summer season.

Dorice Trasolini


The Editor:

Not even six months out from the last election and Doug Erickson is already demonstrating why he should not have been re-elected. How stupid does he think the people in Whatcom County, and by inference, the rest of Washington state, really are? Why would Erickson think we need special legislation to explain the difference between cows’ milk and soy, almond and other plant-based products currently labeled and sold as “milk”?

The wording on the existing packaging is already adequate, and this proposal seems to be a huge waste of taxpayer money that could be better spent on, oh, maybe cleaning up Birch Bay’s recently destroyed roads and beachfront? Come on, Doug, you’re supposed to represent all of Whatcom County. Time to show some love where it’s needed!

Stephanie Sandercock


The Editor:

Public education is a hot topic in our state. I would like to know why we have so many school districts in Whatcom County as opposed to the Seattle school district, which has one. Seattle has 102 schools in their one district, all managed by one superintendent, Whatcom County has seven districts, with seven superintendents. Yes, I know that sounds like an old movie, let’s move on.

Each of our superintendents make over $100,000 in salary, bonuses and benefits. My question is how can the Seattle superintendent do her job making a bit over $303,000 per year, while we need seven superintendents with combined salaries in excess of $700,000 to do the same? To put this in perspective, Bellingham has 24 schools; Blaine, six; Ferndale, 12; Lynden, seven; Meridian, six; Mt. Baker, seven; and Nooksack, eight. I propose we reduce our county’s number of districts to one, with one superintendent, and one staff in one central location. Then let’s do this all over the state, reduce costs and pass that along to teachers and students.

Guy Smith

Birch Bay

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