Point Roberts Hospital District statement regarding Kaiser Permanente

After a long appeal process, we have now been informed that Kaiser Permanente has denied our appeal and will only cover visits to our clinic for those enrolled in their PPO program. If you are a Kaiser member, look on your card. If it says you are enrolled in the PPO program, you are covered to be seen in our clinic. If, however, you are a HMO/Core member, you are not covered. You can still be seen at the clinic and we will bill Kaiser, but we have been told by them that while such visits will probably count toward your out-of-network deductible, most or all of the bill will become your responsibility.

Kaiser has said that patients wanting to discuss their particular coverage or options should phone either the number on the back of their membership card or call 888-901-4600. I suggest that each of you do so.

We are continuing our conversation with Kaiser and if we are able to move forward with any sort of compromise, we will let you know immediately.

I should add that due to federal regulations, Kaiser cannot provide us with the names of their local clients, even if you have been clinic patients. Hence this public notice rather than direct contact with you. However, you are welcome to let us know who you are and how many family members are affected by this decision if you wish.


Barbara Wayland


Point Roberts Public Hospital District


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