Patient visits up at local health clinic

By Pat Grubb

The local health clinic appears to be slowly but surely growing in terms of patient visits following the arrival of Super Track Urgent Care, the new clinic operator since the turn of the year. Point Roberts Hospital District superintendent Barb Wayland told the board at its regular meeting on May 1 that patient visits had gone from 90 in January to 107 in April.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Sean Bozorgzadeh who, along with Dr. May Lary, owns Super Track. The doctor gave a brief overview of the clinic’s operations so far and expressed satisfaction with the patient counts to date. “Once we reach 10 patients a day or 120 monthly, we’ll start adding days initially using telemedicine,” he told the board. “The goal is to expand the services at a steady pace,” he added.

Bozorgzsdeh suggested that the district should look into obtaining federal and state grants that are being offered to remote areas wishing to implement telemedicine solutions and could be used for improving telemedicine infrastructure at the clinic.

An issue with patient records appears to be close to resolved, according to Bozorgzsdeh. The former operator of the clinic, UnityCare Northwest, had been supposed to supply patient records to SuperTrack once its contract was over but the process took much longer than planned. Bozorgzsdeh told the commission that he was taking possession of the records in PDF format on May 2 and expected to receive the electronic version shortly.

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    YAY! Such good news!

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