Candidate filing week approaching

By Pat Grubb

The deadline to file a candidacy for public office is tomorrow, Friday, May 17.

Prospective candidates should review the candidate filing guide available on the Whatcom County Auditor’s website, The guide contains information candidates need to know before they file. “Requirements and regulations can change from year to year, so this is a great resource,” said auditor Debbie Adelstein in an April 22 press release.

Candidates can file their declaration online at until 4 p.m. Friday.

Alternatively, candidates may file in person at the auditor’s office, 311 Grand Avenue in Bellingham, but they will be directed to a computer station to file it. In-person filing ends at 4:30 p.m. It is too late to file by mail.

There are a number of local and county positions that would be of interest to Point Roberts residents. In Point Roberts, these are the positions up for election and the current incumbent:

Point Roberts Public Hospital District

Commissioner Position 1 (4-year unexpired term) Stephen Falk

Commissioner Position 2 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) Dick Williams


Point Roberts Park and Recreation District 1

Commissioner Position 1 (4-year term)                                 Bennett Blaustein

Commissioner Position 2 (4-year term)                                 Stephen Falk (Falk has indicated that he intends to run for the hospital commission; candidates are not able to run for more than one position.)

Commissioner Position 3 (2-year unexpired term)         Holly Robinson

Commissioner Position 5 (4-year short and full term)  Chwynyn Vaughan


Cemetery District 8

Commissioner Position 1 (2-year unexpired term)         Ernie Loreen

Commissioner Position 3 (6-year term)                                 Pauline DeHaan


Point Roberts Water District 4

Commissioner Position 3 (6-year term)                                 Arthur S. Reber


Fire Protection District 5

Commissioner Position 1 (2-year unexpired term)         Virginia Lester

Commissioner Position 2 (4-year unexpired term)         Raye Newmen

Commissioner Position 3 (6-year term)                                 Pat Harper


Port of Bellingham

Commissioner District 3 (4-year term)                                   Robert (Bobby) Briscoe


Whatcom County Council District 5

Council District 5 (4-year term)                                                  Open

County Council At-Large Position B (4-year term)           Carol Frazey


Whatcom County

Executive (4-year term)                                                                    Jack Louws (Not running for re-election)

Assessor (4-year term)                                                                       Keith Willnauer (Not running for re-election)

Auditor (4-year term)                                                                        Debbie Adelstein

Sheriff (4-year term)     Bill Elfo

Treasurer (4-year term)                                                                     Steven Oliver


For additional information, contact Debbie Adelstein at 360/778-5105.

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