Candidates file for election runs

By Pat Grubb

The filing period for candidates for local and county offices has closed and it looks like some local boards will be looking to appoint commissioners once the current term of office ends at the close of 2019. No one filed for Point Roberts Public Hospital District, commissioner position 1, currently held by Stephen Falk, according to the county auditors website.

Similarly, the parks district commission position 2 seat, currently held by Stephen Falk, had no applicants. Falk will be running unopposed for the hospital position 2 seat currently held by Dick Williams who is not running for re-election. Individuals can only run for one elected position per election cycle. No one tossed their hat into the ring for the cemetery district position 1, currently held by Ernie Loreen. With the exception of Position 1 of the park and recreation district, all other Point offices are running unopposed.

Nevertheless, there will be plenty of competitive elections in the rest of the county positions that will be voted upon by voters in Point Roberts and the rest of the county. Long-time district 3 county council member Barbara Brenner withdrew her candidacy for the newly redistricted district 4 on May 16. Note: Incumbents that are running again are listed first followed by challengers. Current incumbents not running again appear at the end of the list.

Point Roberts Public Hospital District

Commissioner Position 1 (4-year unexpired) Stephen Falk

Commissioner Position 2 (6-year) No filing, currently Dick Williams

Point Roberts Park
and Recreation District

Commissioner Position 1 (4-year) Bennett Blaustein, challenger Hugh Wilson

Commissioner Position 2 (4-year) No candidate, currently Stephen Falk

Commissioner Position 3 (2-year unexpired) Holly Robinson

Commissioner Position 5 (4-year short and full) Chwynyn Vaughan

Cemetery District 8

Commissioner Position 1 (2-year unexpired) No candidate, currently Ernie Loreen

Commissioner Position 3 (6-year) Pauline deHaan

Point Roberts Water District 4

Commissioner Position 3 (6-year) Arthur Reber

Fire Protection District 5

Commissioner Position 1 (2-year unexpired) Virginia Lester

Commissioner Position 2 (4-year unexpired) Raye Newmen

Commissioner Position 3 (6-year) Pat Harper

Blaine School District

Director, District 1 (4-year) Todd Nunamaker, currently John Freal

Director, District 2 (4-year) Todd Berge, challengers Dougal Thomas and Prudence Welch

Director, District 4 (4-year) Charles Gibson, challengers Katie Smith and Tana Perkins Reneau

Port of Bellingham

Commissioner District 3 (4-year) Robert (Bobby) Briscoe, challenger Anthony Distefano

Whatcom County Council District 5

Council District 5 (4-year) Natalie McClendon, Ben Elenbaas, Jaime Arnett

Former county councilmember Barbara Brenner (District 4) withdrew on May 16.

County Council At-Large Position B (4-year) Carol Frazey, Bill LaFreniere, Brett Bonner, David Ramirez

Whatcom County

Executive (4-year) Satpal Sidhu, Karen Burke, Tony Larsen, Jim Boyle, currently Jack Louws

Assessor (4-year) John Romaker, Rebecca Xczar, currently Keith Willnauer

Auditor (4-year) Diana Bradrick

Sheriff (4-year) Bill Elfo, challenger Joy Gilfilen

Treasurer (4-year) Steven Oliver

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