Pilates sessions offered on the Point

Marcia Rosales demonstrating the Pilates Reformer equipment. Photo by Travis Robb

Marcia Rosales is offering private and class sessions of pilates here on the Point. According to Rosales, pilates is an excellent and effective form of total body exercise. Its focus on strengthening the core or “powerhouse” muscles which include the abdominals and back, is due to the principle that all movement originates from the core.

“When you have a strong core and an awareness of your alignment as you move, you’ll be that much better in your sport/daily activity and less likely to get injured,” she said.

Rosales offers private sessions at her studio which incorporates the use of the reformer and wunda chair which utilize springs that provide resistance, strengthening muscles faster. She also offers group practices at Madrona Yoga on Sundays, June 2, 16 and 30 and then weekly in July and August. For more information, email Rosales at marciarosalespilates@gmail.com or call 604/401-7823.

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