Letters To The Editor – July, 2019

The Editor:

We need the community’s help! We are looking for a new logo for the Point Roberts Air Park that represents Point Roberts but carries an aeronautical theme. Please email us your design for the new Point Roberts airpark logo and we will select a winning logo in August and publish it and the winner in the September All Point Bulletin.

We will use the winning logo in any future signage we may put up. Please email you design to PRAPLOGO@gmail.com by August 15. Please keep to one design per person. The winning logo designer will get a 30-minute flight around the Point and surrounding areas.

Jason Taylor

Point Roberts

The Editor:

The Friends of the Point Roberts Library Annual Book Sale will be on Saturday, July 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We are happy to accept your book donations until Friday, July 26. The library sadly does not have room to store used books, so we will not be accepting books for sale during the other months of the year. Thanks for your understanding.

This last Saturday in July will be an exciting one for Point Bob: a Tween/Teen NASA program about launching rockets, kid space crafts and activities, the Saturday market and boot sale, and the used book sale, all outside in the community center/library area. Please stop by on this busy summer weekend and help support your local library by taking home a bag of delightful books.

Rose Momsen

Point Roberts

The Editor:

As I hear of residents meeting to resolve local problems, I recall that great philosopher Yogi Berra saying it’s “deja vu all over again.”

Despite some people saying the one cent gas tax fund may be used for “anything to do with transportation,” if one were to read the regulation, it would be discovered use of the funds is limited to “streets and roads.”

Removal of the Point Roberts Special District would eliminate many local concerns. An example is the tree retention portion which results in the denuding of many properties. This is one of the discriminatory parts of the special district. The only other part of Whatcom County in which it is applied is the Lake Whatcom water shed.

I believe a review of other special district regulations will reveal that their removal will resolve many concerns. Yogi also advised “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up somewhere else.”

Ruby White

Point Roberts

The Editor:

Our thanks to the Whatcom County Health Department for the new solid waste collection service! As predicted, we have not been in residence on a single one of the scheduled pick-up days. However, house guests were in residence on one pick-up day in May. As a result, half way through 2019 and we have had one pick-up of solid waste. Cost? $US 212.64 for the single pick up. Heck of a bargain. This is far better than the old system of taking the garbage to the dump and paying $10!

We are doing better than many of our neighbors. Some of them have not been in residence for a single pick-up day year to date. The action is so slow along Bayview Drive that the garbage truck often does not even show up on the appointed day. I am told that one of our neighbors biked to the transfer station to call for the missed pick-up.

The ability to take garbage to the transfer station with dumping cost covered by the annual fee would be an improvement. However, Cando Recycling and Disposal tells me that the solid waste site is covered by a different set of tariffs or a separate accounting system or whatever. Drop off would cost extra to the $212.64 already paid. Sounds like double dipping. Can the health department do us another favor by looking into this?

Don Graham

Point Roberts

The Editor:

There are currently discussions going on with Whatcom County Council to set up a “Point Roberts Recycling & Refuse District” just like we now have for water, fire, park and cemetery. This would mean that the transfer station would be run by the community, not by the county health department. Curbside collection would still be done by the current service provider who holds the license issued by the WUTC (Ed. Note: curbside collection services is governed by a Whatcom County contract).

Having our own district would be beneficial in many ways such as setting hours of operations at the station based on what the community wants. Complaints about the conditions at the station would be directed to the new district, not a distant entity. If the community wants green waste pick up, then this district would work on making that happen. The taxes paid would be for the community and not put in a general fund for the benefit of others. If the community would like to encourage businesses to participate in recycling, then the district could set that up. If the community wanted once a year “spring cleaning” like in Delta, the district could facilitate that as well.

The motivation to set up this district is so the community of Point Roberts can work to meet its own unique needs. Wouldn’t it be great if there was recycling and refuse cans available for the day visitors who come to Point Roberts? Currently there are no rules or motivation for that to happen.

The best part is, the decision to have a district would be decided by the community of Point Roberts.

In the next week or so, a petition will be circulating requesting your support for Point Roberts having its own recycling and refuse district. There will be one petition for registered voters and one for property owners (Canadians and U.S. non-voters).

You can make a difference; please sign the petition.

Louise Cassidy

Point Roberts

The Editor:

As a concerned community member, I would like to offer my thoughts regarding the Point Roberts school. It is very important in a small town to have the community support the school. Small towns are known for talk among community members and when the community is not supporting the school, the talk can become toxic. I believe the school has lost support in the community in the last couple of years.

As a result, when new families come to Point Roberts and discuss school options with people, they may choose another option than the Point Roberts primary school if they hear something not great. If this continues, the school’s enrollment numbers will drop.

When the school numbers drop even more, families will choose another option or even pull their children from the school and send them elsewhere. Single digit student numbers with four different grades makes teaching and socializing difficult.

I also believe that families coming to Point Roberts have more money than prior years and can, out of convenience, choose a school in Canada.

Name withheld by request

Point Roberts

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