Letters to the Editor – August

The Editor:

This letter is long overdue, but, as the saying goes, “Better late than never.”

Over the course of this last winter my wife and I had some difficulties to face: moving, job searching, illness, family issues out of town. We were assisted by numerous people, too many to thank all in one letter.

However, a few stand out: David from Westwind Marine for an act of kindness that lasted all winter, Tucker from Westwind for his assistance on several occasions, Sue Longo for her generosity, Henry Rosenthal for the helping hand he has provided to so many, Cheryl and Ray Christopherson for saving us when things were at their worst, Jacqui Everett for the true friend she has been through some difficult times at the marina, Bill and Jeanette Meursing for getting me back on my feet after being hospitalized over Christmas and unable to walk for six weeks, and Sarah Barnard for her help and a gentle nudge getting us going in a direction we needed to go.

There are many others and they know who they are … thanks to all. And special thanks to marina manager Theresa Coe and president Sam Chen, for their generous and considerate going away present in recognition of my 13 years as the groundskeeper for the marina. Their gesture was unexpected and memorable.

Bill Knowles

Point Roberts

The Editor:

I’ve been struggling to understand the value of mandatory garbage. I initially thought the project was put into place to offset illegal dumping along the roadside. But that doesn’t appear to be a part of the new service. Six months into the new system, abandoned items are still peppered along the road.

Eighty percent of properties are owned by Canadians, who have limited access to staying in Point Roberts. With an added tax bill of $218 (Canadian $300), there is little value to the added expense. I’ve used curbside only twice. For a decade, we got along just fine taking our garbage to the dump for significantly less than what we’re paying now.

What’s even more unsettling is trying to glean information via the Point Roberts blog (aka Next Door). Any whisper of displeasure against Cando … regardless of how polite, factual and short … is quickly deleted by Next Door’s anonymous moderator. A coincidence? Or is the moderator associated with Cando? It is extremely disturbing (Orwellian) to have a nameless individual choosing what information the public is privy to.

Mandatory garbage for a population of mostly non-residents appears a tax grab for Whatcom County and a huge windfall for Cando. Both entities are not supplying any quality of service for my extra Canadian $300 tax bill. If Cando picked up the abandoned furniture and other odds and sods littering our streets then I wouldn’t object quite so much.

As it stands, Cando circles around our neighborhood more or less twiddling their thumbs.

Lea Watson

Vancouver/Point Roberts

The Editor:

The organizers of the Maple Beach Cottage Tour, held on July 13, would like to thank all the “tourists” from Point Roberts and beyond who bought tickets and spent a beautiful day touring the 20 Maple Beach cottages that homeowners so graciously opened up to the public. It was great to see so many people out and about in the community, getting to know one another and picking up beach decor tips.

The money raised through ticket sales has been disbursed to three local charitable organizations: The Food Bank, Circle of Care and the Point Roberts Historical Society.

Shelley Fralic and Doris Meyer

Point Roberts

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