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s Mark Swenson and Pauli DeHaan preparing historical photos for display in the new history center.
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By Meg Olson

After decades in people’s attics, basements and spare rooms, the extensive and fascinating collection of the Point Roberts Historical Society has a place to call home.

“The Point Roberts History Center is the realization of a long dream to have a space where the historical society can showcase its collection of historical artifacts, documents, photos and multimedia assets for the community,” said Jessica McVey, president of the Point Roberts Historical Society.

On Saturday, August 31, the society, founded in 1982, will host the grand opening of the Point Roberts History Center at the Gulf Road community center in what was formerly the library. Since its inception, the society has worked to preserve and promote Point Roberts’ rich history, meeting monthly, hosting historic events and publishing a newsletter. With the opening of the center, local residents and visitors will have a place to learn the history of this unique community.

Point Roberts is famous for being an exclave, requiring travel through Canada to reach it from the U.S. mainland. It has been home to a rich history of fishing, smuggling, piracy and squatting. Its cavernous taverns, public parks, sandy beaches and narrow lanes of cottages have been used for recreation by generations of locals and Canadians who grew up spending summers in Point Roberts.

“The history of Point Roberts is unlike any other in the region. Having a history center will enable us to share the amazing stories which make our community so unique and worth visiting,” said Mark Swenson, author of Point Roberts Backstory, a recent book about the history of the Point.

The grand opening celebration will be held Saturday, August 31 at the Point Roberts Community Center, located at 1437 Gulf Road, at 10 a.m. An open house follows from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

To view a YouTube video about the Point Roberts History Center visit bit.ly/2UgCb96.

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